Jeep Grand Cherokee Concept Unveiled

News has come out of Jeep of a new concept version of the Grand Cherokee. It makes sense, seeing as how the Jeep Grand Cherokee is the most awarded SUV ever, and has been given the title of “SUV of Texas” two years in a row. This will be a very unique model, designed to capture the attention of not only those who already know the quality of the Jeep but also to convince new drivers to take the plunge and purchase of one.

“Highlighted by a unique platinum-chrome front-end appearance and distinctive black-gloss 20-inch wheels and exterior treatments, our new Grand Cherokee concept provides a completely new look – one that is edgy and aggressive, and certainly different than any Grand Cherokee on the road today,” says Mike Manley, the President and CEO of Jeep Brand.

The concept was shown publicly for the first time at the Houston Auto Show. Jeep also announced that there will be a contest to go with this new Grand Cherokee concept. The company will be running an online contest for consumers to name this new concept model. The person who chooses the winning name will be given the chance to win a new 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee. “We plan to garner feedback from consumers at the Houston Auto Show, and via our online Jeep ‘Name My Ride’ contest,” said Manley.

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Jeep Wrangler Production Increases for Toledo Plant


Jeep Wrangler has been seeing quite a big upswing in sales lately.  With over 122,460 Jeeps sold in 2011, that comes out to a 30-percent increase over the previous year.  Mike Manly, the CEO of Jeep said about the Wrangler’s growth,

“We grew 17 percent and what I was very pleased with when I look back at the year is we continued to see growth in the direction of our 2009 plan.”

More and more people have been wanting to get their hands on the award winning Jeep model and it seems that it’s causing a problem.  According to an article in the Toledo Blade, that problem is the fact that only one plant in the world is currently constructing Wranglers.  The sole plant in Toledo, Ohio is not dealing with the fact that it is having to deal with such a stark increase in demand.  The Wrangler plant has been running for 20 hours a day, six days a week in attempting to get enough Wranglers to the lot.

Luckily, Jeep and the auto workers have come together to figure out a way to deal with this.  The United Auto Workers have reached an agreement that will help up the Wrangler production to 100 units a day.  Another silver lining to come out of this news story is that in order to reach this level of work, the plant will be needing to add 50 more workers to the lines.  This may even include adding a third shift.  According to Mr Manly,

“If Wrangler demand continues to grow at the rate that we’ve seen in 2011, obviously we’re going to have to look at our options and one of our options is a third shift.”

Great news not just for Wrangler sales, but also for the workforce that is currently making them.  Maybe all those Call of Duty advertisements are starting to catch on.

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Jeep Liberty


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If you’re looking to make a serious impression and draw everyone’s attention, then look no further than the Jeep Liberty.  You’ll be sure to catch the gaze of anyone whether you’re driving up to the top of a mountain at … Continue reading