Feedback from our Customers

At Bayside Chrysler Jeep Dodge, we strive to make sure everyone has the best possible experience they can when they walk into our dealership.  We love to hear back from people to ensure this happens with everyone.  That’s just what happened with one very satisfied driver who came into our dealership expecting the usual spin game and instead found himself being treated with honesty and fairness:

“I was VERY skeptical about using this dealership for my new Jeep GC.  After I read the reviews I decided to stop in and look at the model I was thinking about BUT THAT WAS ALL – even though I live in Bayside! (I am a Yelp fan & there are a lot of complaints here).

So that is what I did.  I looked at the car, decided to go with a Jeep and left to find a different dealership.  The salesman I spoke with was both knowledgable and friendly, but I was not going to divert from the plan.  I started calling all the other Jeep dealerships in the area for pricing and model stock.  The options I wanted were not common and the 2013s were already in production, so I needed to move fast on a 2012!

I took a drive to two dealerships and ended up going with the friendly upstanding guys at a dealership “C”.  LET ME PAUSE THERE – I should note I am a ridiculously savvy consumer who does a tremendous amount of research so that I can make an informed decision and NOT have to rely on someone else (esp. When he happens to be in the business of making a profit from my purchase) to make a decision.  I was looking for a lease, and by time I finished my research I could calculate the payment using algebraic formulas…on a piece of paper.  

I ask lots of questions from the salesmen, and being a woman, reserve the right to pretend I don’t already know the answer.  SO WHY DID I TELL YOU ALL THAT???

Because THE NICE UPSTANDING GUYS ALL LIED, LIED THROUGH THEIR TEETH.  They convinced me to buy a car they didn’t have, they assured me they would get the EXACT car I was looking for, and then kept me on hold for five days.  BUT THAT didn’t bother me, you should expect a dealer to try and sell you a car, any car.  JUST DON’T LIE TO ME or MISLEAD me about the money, lease terms, parameters, buyout, fees, etc.  

I ended up going back to Bayside to talk numbers and see if they would insert the same BS tactics that the other guys used.  BAYSIDE WAS FAIR AND HONEST.  They didn’t try and sell me a car they didn’t have, they were open and honest about the terms, the lease parameters and were GENUINE the entire time.  I ended up leaving because although Bayside was genuine, the other guy had my deposit and promised me my exact car request.  After two more days and still no car from the other dealer I gave up and went back to Bayside.  

I AM TRULY HAPPY WITH MY PURCHASE AND I KNOW I GOT A GREAT DEAL.  More importantly, the staff acted like family, and I will be happy to take the car there for service.  (I will update with a post after the first trip to the service dept.)

If you expect a car salesman to not try and sell you a car, or better yet, To never make a profit, think again.  In reference to these negative reviews I can only say that each story that turns out badly has a much higher chance of becoming a post.  bad apples can be anywhere, but I know that my salesman Michael, My sales manager Robert, and the Finance Manager, John , were all honest, upfront and direct on all points.  EVERY other dealership tried to trick me with fake money factors and imaginary incentives, as well as getting deposits from me on phantom cars they knew they were not going to get there hands on.  BAYSIDE WAS HONEST, and I will take an honest salesman over a fancy dealership any day.”

If you have had a similar experience with Bayside, we’d love to hear from you.   Be sure to also like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter, we definitely want to hear your feedback.