2014 Jeep Liberty Prototype Spotted!

If you want to see the next generation of cars out in the wild, you might want to stick around the offices of Automobile Magazine. For whatever the reason is, they seemingly have all the luck. Just the other day, they not only got to see a pre-production Buick Encore and a Citroen DS5, but they also managed to catch a glimpse (and some pictures) of the prototype for the 2014 Jeep Liberty.

Cloaked in complete black with no real discernible features didn’t keep the editors at Automobile Magazine from realizing they were getting a sneak peak at something special. Under that disguise, they were able to recognize core features that pointed to this being the future of Jeep. Most notably is that it is similar to a Jeep prototype they caught sight of in April and then there’s also the seven-slot Jeep grille.

The 2014 Jeep is expected to take many of the lessons learned in the 2013 Dodge Dart and put them to use. It’ll likely have a 1.4-liter turbo-four. For buyers looking for more power, a 2.4-liter Tigershark I-4 may be a variant seeing as how it’s also being offered for the Dart. It’s too early to set anything in stone, but definitely expect there to be powerful options as Chrysler-Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne promised that the new Liberty will still be a “trail-rated, full-blooded Jeep.”

No word yet on when to expect any official word on the 2014 Jeep Liberty, but production of said vehicle is slated to begin next year at the Toledo, Ohio plant. Keep current on any news about it by liking us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. You can view the current Jeep line-up online at Bayside Chrysler Jeep Dodge.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Ad Turning Point for Company

Chrysler has had a lot of success with their “Imported from Detroit” commercials that feature Eminem and the infamous “Half-Time in America” ads with Clint Eastwood. As popular as these as ads have been, another commercial has actually been more important according to the heads of Chrysler. That honor belongs to the Jeep Grand Cherokee, with a commercial that debuted in 2010.

The Detroit Free Press highlights interviews with the Chrysler and Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne, as well as John Jay, the global executive creative direction for Wieden + Kennedy. In it, they both came to the conclusion that the commercial for the Grand Cherokee was the beginning of a new chapter for not only the products the company was making, but also their marketing.

“The Jeep was a turning point for Chrysler and was when our working relationship and creative work moved to a next level, “ says Jay. “There was so much at stake for that car to prove there was a new Chrysler in its devotion to product quality.”

The reasoning behind Marchionne’s thinking was that it was very important to let the public know that things were going to be very different with Chrysler after the bankruptcy, and different in a good way. This mindset even led him to delaying the launch of the Jeep Grand Cherokee to make sure that everything was handled right and the launch would go off without a hitch. It was a decision that would cost the company millions, but Marchionne believes it was the right choice.

“That was a turning point because it was the first car coming out of the company since its bankruptcy and we tweaked that commercial until the very end,” says Marchionne.

Take a look at the commercial for yourself and see if you believe that it was the best choice of rebirth for the company.

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Jeep Owners Tackle the Wildest Terrain

Jeep has always been a popular brand, but it usually tends to attract the more adventurous drivers. The ones that are looking for a vehicle that will give them the best when taken up against the outdoors. At the Guam International Raceway over the weekend, those same kind of drivers got together for an entire day dedicated to Jeep tackling challenging terrain at the Jeep Jungleree 2012.

The day stated with a Jeepology 101 course where new comers were give a lesson on the basics behind the four-wheel-drive vehicles. After that brief lesson it was time for a three-mile trail run in the jungle. Almost 50 Jeeps were on half of the racetrack at a time. Joey Crisostomo, president of Cars Plus, described the scene as, “It was like a Jeep snake going through the course in the jungle.”

The event is seen by many Jeep owners as finally getting the chance to see what their car can really do. Most of these owners don’t have access to these kinds of conditions to take full advantage of the off-roading that Jeep is so well known for.

The main portion of the day was the insane obstacle course designed to give even the most knowledgeable veterans a run for their money. It didn’t help any that all morning it was raining causing the course to be made even harder. Because of this, many new-comers found their jeeps stuck on one obstacle or another, left with their wheels spinning in air desperate to find traction. What the crowd ended up remembering the most was when a blue Jeep Laredo managed to find some airtime after launching itself from a hill course.

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