2014 Jeep Cherokee Can Park Itself

JeepCherokee - 01

The 2014 Jeep Cherokee is finally heading into dealerships. Time to get excited!

Okay, if that wasn’t enough, if the new look and the capable specs weren’t reason enough for the excitement, then how about the fact that the 2014 Jeep Cherokee can park itself. Yes, that is the world we are moving towards, where cars will park themselves.

While not the first car to have this technology, the Jeep Cherokee is upping the proverbial ante by including perpendicular and, a must for any New Yorker, parallel.

The Fast Lane Car took the new Jeep Cherokee out to test this feature out. It’s an interesting watch, especially considering the discomfort of the driver. I would be freaking out too. A car is an intimidating thing and having a lack of control while it maneuvers into position is odd in a time when drivers are taught to never take their hands off the wheel. To work, it requires trust in the technology, something that is new and not widely used.

It took sometime, but the Cherokee did park itself. While the noted time seems lengthy, I would chalk that up to inexperience. If she had more time and the chance to use it more often, I’d bet that the time it takes to self park would be greatly diminished. Anyway, watch the video to see the Cherokee park itself.

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Jeep Preps New Wrangler Polar in Time for Winter


Winter is coming.

The Jeep Wrangler Polar is built to handle the icy conditions that come from living so far south of The Wall (or Antarctica as they call it these days). The new special edition is expected to be out before the end of month, just in time to help Jeep drivers welcome in the wintery goodness.

The Wrangler Polar certainly looks the part. The exterior is coated in an icy blue color along with black accents. It’s clear that Jeep is trying to sell an image of a winter-capable jeep with the Wrangler Polar. That ability isn’t just on the outside, however, as the Wrangler Polar is able to help its passengers fight the cold with such features as heated leather seats.

In order to deal with the winter conditions, the Wrangler Polar comes equipped with the 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 engine. This makes it capable of 285 hp and 260 ft-lbs of torque. The miles per gallon come out to 21 miles and, according to Jeep, provides the low-end torque needed for off-roading.

Also standard on the Wrangler Polar is the Standard Trac-Lok limited slip rear differential, which helps driving in severe conditions, such as icy roads.

As with most special editions of this nature, the Wrangler Polar will have a limited run. There is only 4500 models expected with this run, so if you’re interested, best to start planning ahead.

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