New Popemobile is a Jeep!

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The Jeep sure seems to be popular of late.  So popular that even the Pope is going to be driven around in one.  It certainly makes the idea of a Pope-mobile more enticing.

It is the first time that Pope Francis has come to America and what better way to travel than in one of America’s most popular vehicles.  The Jeep that he will be using as his new Popemobile is a Wrangler.  It seems that the new Pope is a fan of the Wrangler as he also used a four-door during his trip to Ecuador a few months ago.

It is an odd thing to see an American vehicle get so much press for simply being used to carry the Pope as he visits various cities, but I think it speaks volumes that during his time here that he is using vehicles from that country.  It definitely at least makes his ride nicer and more stylish, a far cry from the old bubble Popemobile.  Maybe he plans to take it off-road in his downtime.

I wonder if he’d be interested in a Charger or Challenger Hellcat for his next Popemobile.

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Jeep Leads August Sales

Cherokee Ad Causes Controversey

Americans are having a love affair with Jeep.  Car buyers have been flocking to the brand in the recent years since the Chrysler brand has resurged after its crash years ago.  The reason for the uptick of Chrysler sales month over month of late has been because of this love for Jeep.  That record continues into August where Jeep had one of their best months ever.

The stars of the month for Jeep was the already very popular Wrangler.  The Wrangler has always been one of Jeep’s bigger vehicles and it seems to be joined by the Cherokee.  The Cherokee at first seemed to be the underdog of the Jeep family.  When it was first revealed how the look was, many balked at the changes happening to Jeep.  As time went on and the Jeep had time to prove its worth, it showed that looks on a Jeep is only skin deep.  The public has spoken and it seems the Cherokee is the new darling of the brand.

The Cherokee is one of the most award SUVs in today’s markets.  It was named by Kelley Blue Book as one of the best SUVs under $25,000 and Motor Week’s ‘Best Small Utility.”

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