Custom Jeep Cherokee Ready for Anything

Jeeps have a history of being popular for drivers looking to escape the confines of the roads and seek adventure off the beaten path. It just so happens that a company decided to trick out a Jeep for the purpose of making it unstoppable on any terrain.

The Examiner has an article detailing what Chris Faustmann, the manager of the research and development of Performance Automotive Group, did to 1996 Jeep Cherokee. The intents of his upgrades and tweaks are to be a test bed for the company’s new product development. It does have a more selfish purpose, however, in that Faustmann has a love for rock crawling and is definitely using this new Jeep to fulfill that desire.

Just what has he done to give this Jeep the edge, well first off it’s equipped with the company’s own OR-Fab line of products. There’s the rear “comp cut” bumper which is designed to easily slip rocks and still protect the rear hatch and quarters. The rear quarter panels the company put on protect the Jeep’s side rockers. The engine is a ATK Performance 4.0 liter with an S&S Custom exhaust system. The front suspension is a prototype that was designed for the company’s other brand, the Trailer Master Suspension.

These Jeep enthusiast have sure taken their love for the vehicle to a new level. It’s insane to think about someone being able to take a car and give it such a facelift that makes it into an all-terrain and unstoppable tank of a vehicle.

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