Jeep Wrangler Arctic Contest Held at Winter X Games

At this years Winter X Games, Jeep hosted a special event to given 7 contestants the chance to win a Jeep Wrangler Arctic. The way the game worked was the contestants had to dig into a 20 by 20 section of snow to find a Jeep Yeti Arctic Dig medallion. First one to find this prize walked away with the special edition Jeep. In this case, the winner happened to be Kerry Boston from Spokane. The game was a part of the games broadcast.

Kerry Boston was, obviously, very happy about the win. “It was a tough dig, but I was determined to find that Jeep artifact so I could take home a new 2012 Jeep Wrangler Artic Edition. I am looking forward to seeing it in my drive-way very soon.”

The contest was all about of a sweepstake the company ran on their Facebook page, twitter, and blog sites. It was here that six of the sweepstakes participants were randomly selected to not only attend the Winter X games but to also get a chance at digging out the prize of the free Jeep Wrangler Arctic.

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