Jeep Drives to Florida for a Jeep Party!

UntitledEven Jeep deserves a vacation.

Five whole days were dedicated to all things Jeep over the weekend thanks to the Mid-Florida Jeep Club. They pulled all their rides together to party with Jeep owners from all over. Saturday was the big day with everyone heading to the Daytona International Speedway to compete in a “show-n-shine” competition. It wasn’t all about looks though, it was also about showing off the capabilities that make the Jeep so infamous. That’s why the beauty pageant potion of the contest was only the half of it. Next up was the obstacle course.

This year was a big one for the event. It marked their 10th anniversary. It’s very popular with Jeep drivers who come not just from nearby Florida, but even as far away as Alaska!

Joe Hogan, a first time attendee, was drawn in not just by his appreciation of Jeep, but also as a thing to do with his family. “I think it’s a family oriented vehicle,” he said. “You can come out and have fun with your family and your friends.”

The event also isn’t just about showing enthusiasts cool Jeeps, it’s also about giving back. The event raised money for the Volusia/Flagler Boys and Girls Club and the Blue Ribbon Coalition, a nonprofit group that promotes access to public lands. In the previous year, the event raised 30,000 for the charities.

After the Jeeps were put through their paces and marveled over, the event ended at the Shores Resort. The attendees then got to enjoy their final day of the event with a pool party and luncheon.

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No Contest: Jeep Grand Cherokee is the Best!

When it comes to the quality of Jeep, there’s no competition. Don’t just take my word for it, the editors of Drive agree with that statement.

Drive has made the announcement that they have chosen the winner of their best four-wheel-drive of the year for 2012. That winner is none other than the Jeep Grand Cherokee. The interesting thing to take note of with the win isn’t the competition that the Grand Cherokee was up against, however. It’s that the Jeep won without a fight.

The judges are so certain that the Jeep doesn’t have a serious enough challenge that they didn’t feel the need to have a drawn out process. Not another vehicle even came close enough to produce a shred of doubt in their minds. It’s never happened before in the seven-years this award has been handed out, no other car has had such a staggering victory against the competition.

The love affair with the Grand Cherokee started the previous year when the Jeep took the lead away from the Land Rover Discovery. When compared to the Jeep’s improved interior, refined road manners, and the incredible value, there was just no contest.

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I Support Foundation Awards Jeep Wrangler to Lucky Customer

Two teenagers from Florida have decided to come together to aide our armed forces. They have started the I Support Foundation and it was created to raise funds for our troops. They are doing this by selling I Support wristbands and magnets. They give away 98% of the proceeds to give help to the US soldiers coming home from over-seas. The grand prize in this endeavor however, may get people to really start donating. is showing that they will be giving one lucky customer a 2012 Jeep Wrangler. The person who gets the car will receive it on live TV in New York City on October 12, 2012. In the next 60 days, people around the country have the chance to win, all you have to do is be one of the first 12,000 visitors to purchase an ISF wristband.

There’s still going to be prizes after the Jeep is given away. There will be a new tally started afterwards that whenever someone purchases a wristband, they will be entered into the drawing. Every 12,500 products are sold, that’s when another prize will be awarded. Make sure to head over to their website for more information and to get a chance to win yourself a Jeep Wrangler for showing support to those fighting for our country.

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