FCA is Ending Passenger Car Production in the US to Focus on Jeep SUVs and Pickups


Fiat-Chrysler has been making some major changes lately.  They’ve been looking at how to meet the demands of vehicles and have come away with a new focus on the Jeep and Dodge products.  So much so that now FCA will be looking at no longer producing passenger vehicles in the US, instead shifting their automaking resources over to SUVs and pickups.

The Detroit Free Press covered this interesting news story today.  The Dodge Dart and Chrysler 200 haven’t been doing as well sales-wise as other vehicles in the FCA line-up.  Seeing the trending demand for their SUVs and pickup trucks, FCA is signaling that they’ll be putting their efforts into being a primary producer of Jeeps and Ram pickups.

The Dodge Durango SUV will still be made in the US.  It’ll be produced next to the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Sergio Marchionne spoke on the announcement saying, “By the time we finish with this, hopefully, all of our production assets in the United States – if you exclude Canada and Mexico from the fold – all those US plants will be producing either Jeeps or Rams.”

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