No Contest: Jeep Grand Cherokee is the Best!

When it comes to the quality of Jeep, there’s no competition. Don’t just take my word for it, the editors of Drive agree with that statement.

Drive has made the announcement that they have chosen the winner of their best four-wheel-drive of the year for 2012. That winner is none other than the Jeep Grand Cherokee. The interesting thing to take note of with the win isn’t the competition that the Grand Cherokee was up against, however. It’s that the Jeep won without a fight.

The judges are so certain that the Jeep doesn’t have a serious enough challenge that they didn’t feel the need to have a drawn out process. Not another vehicle even came close enough to produce a shred of doubt in their minds. It’s never happened before in the seven-years this award has been handed out, no other car has had such a staggering victory against the competition.

The love affair with the Grand Cherokee started the previous year when the Jeep took the lead away from the Land Rover Discovery. When compared to the Jeep’s improved interior, refined road manners, and the incredible value, there was just no contest.

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