Jeep Owners Tackle the Wildest Terrain

Jeep has always been a popular brand, but it usually tends to attract the more adventurous drivers. The ones that are looking for a vehicle that will give them the best when taken up against the outdoors. At the Guam International Raceway over the weekend, those same kind of drivers got together for an entire day dedicated to Jeep tackling challenging terrain at the Jeep Jungleree 2012.

The day stated with a Jeepology 101 course where new comers were give a lesson on the basics behind the four-wheel-drive vehicles. After that brief lesson it was time for a three-mile trail run in the jungle. Almost 50 Jeeps were on half of the racetrack at a time. Joey Crisostomo, president of Cars Plus, described the scene as, “It was like a Jeep snake going through the course in the jungle.”

The event is seen by many Jeep owners as finally getting the chance to see what their car can really do. Most of these owners don’t have access to these kinds of conditions to take full advantage of the off-roading that Jeep is so well known for.

The main portion of the day was the insane obstacle course designed to give even the most knowledgeable veterans a run for their money. It didn’t help any that all morning it was raining causing the course to be made even harder. Because of this, many new-comers found their jeeps stuck on one obstacle or another, left with their wheels spinning in air desperate to find traction. What the crowd ended up remembering the most was when a blue Jeep Laredo managed to find some airtime after launching itself from a hill course.

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Jeep Adds More Power and Fun to Test Drive

Jeep is kicking off the Summer of 2012 right with their exhilarating Jeep Power Amp Experience in Houston, Texas.

The Power Amp Experience is an obstacle course built to show off the 2012 Jeep Wrangler Altitude edition. Attendees at the Free Press Summer Fest got to tackle the course to win prizes and see how the 2012 Jeep Wrangler would handle steep climbs, water, and rough terrain.

From the pictures on Jeep’s blog and Facebook page, it looks like a great time was had by all. Jeep created something more than the typical test drive. They created a unique experience for drivers to test out the new vehicle and get some bragging rights for conquering the course. To see the drivers who took on the Jeep Power Amp Experience, search the hashtag #JeepPowerAmp on Twitter, and check out pictures from the course here.

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