Is Jeep Being Spun-Off From FCA?

In the recent years, Jeep has been leading the sales for the Chrysler family.  It is one of the most popular brands in America and is starting to really catch on globally.  Jeep has been expanding into various different countries and is becoming a global phenom.  Does that mean it is time to start thinking of Jeep being its own brand?

The Detroit Free Press spoke with Fiat-Chrysler’s chief Sergio Marchionne and asked if he was considering making Jeep and Ram trucks their own brand?  The response was “Yes.”

Would spinning Jeep and Ram trucks off into their brand really change things?  Not really.  Marchionne did the same thing with Ferrari and it turned out fine for everyone.  Jeep and Ram trucks getting their own brand would make a splashy news headline, but ultimately wouldn’t impact either brands.  It may just be Marchionne wanting to keep the raising trend for both brands up by doing what he can to make sure Jeep and Ram are consistently news-worthy.  In the end, Jeep and Ram will continue to produce quality machines no matter what brand they are operating under.

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