Is the Jeep Yuntu a Preview of a New American Jeep?

What’s next for the Jeep brand?  Jalopnik has taken a look at what is the current trend that is happening in the SUV world and how will that effect Jeep?

The trend is three rows of seating.  It’s a current desire of most SUV drivers and it is something that Jeep is needing into their upcoming line-up.  That’s where the Yuntu Concept comes in.

The Yuntu is a concept vehicle designed for China.  It’s a plug-in hybrid and that’s really about what is known.  The Yuntu is meant only for the Chinese market, a market that Jeep has been making strides in for a while now and is really looking to expand.  Based on the few photos that have come out of the concept Jeep.  The design of the Yuntu looks to be a cross between the Compass and the Renegade.

So what does this have to do with three rows and Jeep?  Jalopnik sees the Yuntu as a preview of what could be planned later on for American markets.  If Jeep is able to fit the three rows into their Chinese market, it may be a preview of things to come.  Considering that it seems to be what American buyers want, Jeep could be testing the waters in China.

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