2014 Jeep Cherokee: New Design Draws Criticism

12331995-largeJalopnik managed a fast one the other week when they got their hands on leaked photos of the upcoming 2014 Jeep Cherokee.  Originally planned to not be unveiled until the New York Auto Show; the website forced Jeep’s hand in releasing more detailed information about the new vehicle before the debut.  A few shots of the new design made headlines across the auto-blogs and really got people talking.  The most obvious, and most commented on, was the new design.  Such a vast departure from the norm was going to get people’s attention, but it’s a question now of if it was too much.

Forbes breaks down the response so far to the reveal.  “The evolution from the old, boxy Cherokee to the current Liberty and now to this has been pretty stunning in terms of the shape-shifting that we’ve seen, “says Mike Wall who is an auto analyst with HIS Automotive.

The Cherokee is being pulled out of retirement to replace the lagging Liberty.  The Jeep Liberty had done the same back in 2002.  This new Cherokee still includes the trademark Jeep designs such as a seven vertical slat grille, but it stops there.

The lights, for example, have a wholly different look than Jeep fans are accustomed to.   In fact, it may cause drivers that typically drive Jeep to shy away.  This might be the plan.  Hardcore Jeep drivers have already found the Wrangler and the Grand Cherokee to be their preference.  The 2014 Cherokee with a new look may be a play to attract a new breed of Jeep drivers who are looking for something different.

Until more information is released, all that really remains is scrutiny over the little information available.  The pictures certainly paint a picture, but it’s just a segment.  Trying to put together the entire piece right now just seems wrong with so much mystery.

What are your thoughts on the new design?

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