Is the Jeep Cherokee Chrysler’s Savior?

Jeep Cherokee

Chrysler is having a good year after posting their sales increase this last week. August was a positive gain for them with an increase in sales by 20%. This was a far greater increase than the analysts had predicted. It turns out to be the 53rd month in a row that Chrysler has had year-over-year sales gain. So why is Chrysler having such a good time in sales? It seems that their experiment with Jeep is paying off big time for them.

Motley Fool is showing that Chrysler’s sales are enjoying such a trend thanks to the popularity of the new Jeep Cherokee. The Cherokee was a big bet when it was first announced as many of the Jeep die-hard were anxious about the major design changes. After it finally came out though and the critics got behind the wheel, it turned out to be one smart decision on Jeep’s part. The Cherokee has been popular with new buyers and critics alike since its release.

The Jeep Cherokee is a major seller in it segment; the midsize SUV segment. The Cherokee didn’t get off to a good start, seeing a major delay that kept it off the market till last October. This kept Chrysler from having a vehicle in the segment as the Cherokee took over for the Jeep Liberty.

Delay or not, the Cherokee has been quick to over-do the Liberty. By the end of 2014, the Cherokee’s sales may very well be better than the best year of the Liberty.

Jeep Cherokee has turned out to be the best decision Jeep has made.

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Jeep Cherokee Beats Sales Expectations

Jeep Cherokee

The Jeep Cherokee was something of an underdog when you think about it.  When the new design was first revealed for it, the response was very mean.  Change is something that does not come without criticism and changing something as time-old and iconic as the Jeep look will get people angry.  However, innovation has to come from somewhere.  The question always was if the gambit would pay off for Jeep with the Cherokee and looking at the sales so far, it seems like Jeep has certainly come out the winner.

The Toledo Blade has the sales figures for the Cherokee so far.  In the first few months of the year, Jeep has sold 67,095 Cherokees.  In comparison to the Jeep Liberty, the vehicle the Cherokee replaced, that’s the Liberty’s full year of sales in 2011.  In short, that’s way better than what was expected.

The Cherokee still has a ways to go before it wins everyone over but it seems to be really appreciated by new buyers.  Those who are approaching the Cherokee with an open mind tend to walk away impressed.  That’s not to say it hasn’t converted some of the more skeptical people.  The article quotes one such person who is still unsure on the design but can still love the capability.

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Plant Prepares for Full 2014 Jeep Cheorkee Production

UntitledIt’s been a long time coming, but the new Jeep Cherokee is almost upon us.  Ever since it was teased with a new look that’s been divisive amongst fans, the new Cherokee has been building up popularity thanks to those wanting something new and others who are more impressed by what its capable of rather than a striking new look.  Expectations are high and Jeep plans to make sure on delivering.  That’s why it will be increasing production at the plant responsible for getting the Cherokee out to would-be buyers.

The Toledo plant in Ohio will be producing the 2014 Cherokee at full volume for a single shift.  However, they want to be at full capacity by September.  That’s over 500 models over the course of a nine-hour shift.  In order to maintain that incredible pace, a second shift will be added.  Training has already begun to get ready.

We’re expecting this vehicle to sell,” said Zachary Leroux, the plant’s manager.  “I think that’s going to keep us busy for a long period of time.

Jeep is placing large bet on the new compact SUV set to replace the Jeep Liberty.  With the hype going into it, I think it stands a chance at bringing in a new age of Jeep drivers.

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Source: Wall St Cheat Sheet