Jeep Wrangler One of the Best SUVs in Resale Value



The Jeep Wrangler is one of the best popular SUVs on the market and, to state the obvious, there is a reason for that.  The Wrangler is not only well made, runs incredibly well, but its value holds over time.  A new article with the Toledo Blade highlights just why the Wrangler is one of the best vehicles to buy new or used.

Quoting a used car seller to being the article, the owner of the dealership instructed his employees to simply buy Wranglers on the auction block, no matter the cost.  Even as the employees complained about the price, he held fast.  The reason: because he know that they would sell.

For years now, the Wrangler has ranked as one of the best in resale value according to Kelley Blue Book.  The recent 2016 Best Resale Value Awards marked the first time in a while that the Wrangler dropped, going from 2nd to 5th on the list.  Even still, the Wrangler is one of the best valued buys on the market.

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