Jeep Portraits Ad Wins YouTube Adblitz Poll 2016!


The Jeep ad, ‘Portraits’, was a major success at the Superbowl.  It was a surprisingly quiet moment in ads that tend to raise the volume to prove a point.  For that reason, it was one of the stand-out ads in the sea of Superbowl ad madness.  It’s also earned it plenty of recognition, such as taking the top spot with the YouTube Adblitz 2016 results.

“Achieving the number one automotive spot in the YouTube Adblitz Poll the last five of six years is a remarkable achievement for FCA and a wonderful acknowledgement of our entire creative team’s efforts,” said Chief Marketing Officer at FCA Globa Olivier Francois.  “This work is above all things the product of FCA’s shared culture of leadership.  ‘Portraits’ speaks directly to how we are given the freedom to experiment and to challenge conventions.  The recognition that ‘Portraits’ has received from both viewers and those within the creative industry only serves to reinforce that we are on the right path.  Making a difference has been and always be our North Star.”

The ad had already been named Adweek’s number one Super Bowl spot.  It was appreciated by the editors for its restraint in what is typically an unhinged event.  When every other brand is trying to be loud and get noticed, it’s nice for someone to remember the power of subtly.

Take a look at the ad for another time and really appreciate the message Jeep is trying to send about the legacy of the company:

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