New Jeep Pickup Maybe a Fiat-Chrysler Problem Solver


The idea of a new Jeep pickup has picked up a lot of steam.  Jeep appears to be moving on with finally producing one and getting into the hands and driveways of people who’ve been clamoring for one for years.  While no official statement has been made yet, nor has a name or look been given, it is expected that soon Jeep will give the people what they want.  Building this new Jeep pickup does more than just satiate the fans, it may also solve two major issues for Fiat-Chrysler.

In an op-ed for Nasdaq, the new Jeep pickup could potentially help out FCA in two areas.  The first is in construction.  The news of the Jeep pickup first appeared when news broke that the factory in Toledo, Ohio that is responsible for Wranglers will also be making this new pickup.  The problem is that the Wrangler has been extremely popular of late and in order to keep up with demand, the factory would need to be expanded.  Due to the cost, Marchionne considered moving the Wrangler production to another factory, but that idea turned out to be extremely unpopular as politicians and fans voiced their concerns.  By having this factory take over for the pickup, it resolves this complicated situation.

“The solution is elegant, not least because it should keep the Toledo factory very busy… Dealers get more Wranglers to sell, the Cherokee gets moved to a place where more can be built – and the Toledo factory gets another profitable product to keep it busy.”

The second problem the pickup is a solution to is the demand from a new market.  As previously stated, while fan demand has always been there, this increase of demand and sales for SUVs and pickups has many automakers scrambling to get new vehicles out for buyers.  The Jeep pickup would be a major benefit to the company and give them a leg in the midsize SUV market that is really starting to pick up steam.

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