New Jeep Pickup Spotted?

The Jeep pickup has been something that has been rumored for some time and little hints here and there that something was in the works.  As of yet, besides just some concept Jeep vehicles, nothing has been produced to show what the Jeep pickup that is supposed to be coming will look like.  That is until AutoToday seemingly spotted a Jeep Wrangler pickup concept in the wild.

The spy pictures look pretty amazing.  I don’t believe that many didn’t think the Wrangler pickup would look like a Jeep melded with a truck back.  That being said, actually seeing one on the road is really cool to see.  There is definitely a demand for this fusion of truck and Jeep and the Wrangler pickup may just be the thing to cater to that market.

As for the name, there is no news on that front.  The rumor is that Jeep will be reviving a nostalgic name to attach to the Wrangler pickup.  Here is hoping that we’ll be seeing and hearing more news soon about the Jeep Wrangler Pickup.

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