New Jeep Renegades Hides Plenty of Easter Eggs

Jeep Renegade Easter Eggs - JeepDealerNY

The 2015 Jeep Renegade is the new Jeep for a new generation.  It has a great lore for its creation with the design team pulling their youngest designers in and tasking them with coming up with the Jeep they would want.  The Renegade clearly has a stylish look and is aimed at bringing a younger crowd into the Jeep market.  Turns out, however, that the designers also managed to sneak in some great easter eggs for the older Jeep fans.

The Herald-News has a break-down of all the hidden design nods they were able to locate.  Many of the easter eggs are meant to point back to the creation of the Jeep with homages to the original Willys Jeep.  One such is the “X” stamped onto the Renegade’s taillights to mimic the look of the jerry cans the old Willys Jeeps would carry.

Another call back to that older Jeep is in the form of a silhouette printed on the wheels and grille of the Renegade.  More of these stamps are also on the inside of the tailgate and in the taillights.  Another one that the article doesn’t note is that the Moab off-road is on the center tray.

That’s all that have been made known to the public for the time being, but there is no doubt to more being included in the Renegade’s design.  We can’t wait to see what other things they included.

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