How a Jeep Paint Color Helped Protect Soldiers in WW2

The history of the Jeep is a vast and interesting one.  A vehicle doesn’t exist in one form or another for over 75 years and not build up some interesting facts and stories along the way.  This latest one comes from Jalopnik about how a paint job the Jeep had during the war was there to help protect soldiers.

The Jeep of WW2 typically featured a star known as the “invasion star.”  It was on the roof of the old Jeeps and in some cases, the star would be surrounded by brown paint.  It turns out that the brown paint was not a stylistic choice, but one made in hope of protecting the soldiers from chemical attacks.

“The paint’s purpose was to protect against chemical weapons attacks.  It’s called “M5 liquid vesicant detector paint””

The paint worked as a warning for the soldiers in the Jeep.  If the paint went from brown to red, that meant the soldiers were in danger of a chemical attack.  It was placed on the roof of the Jeep to be easily observed.

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New Jeep Renegades Hides Plenty of Easter Eggs

Jeep Renegade Easter Eggs - JeepDealerNY

The 2015 Jeep Renegade is the new Jeep for a new generation.  It has a great lore for its creation with the design team pulling their youngest designers in and tasking them with coming up with the Jeep they would want.  The Renegade clearly has a stylish look and is aimed at bringing a younger crowd into the Jeep market.  Turns out, however, that the designers also managed to sneak in some great easter eggs for the older Jeep fans.

The Herald-News has a break-down of all the hidden design nods they were able to locate.  Many of the easter eggs are meant to point back to the creation of the Jeep with homages to the original Willys Jeep.  One such is the “X” stamped onto the Renegade’s taillights to mimic the look of the jerry cans the old Willys Jeeps would carry.

Another call back to that older Jeep is in the form of a silhouette printed on the wheels and grille of the Renegade.  More of these stamps are also on the inside of the tailgate and in the taillights.  Another one that the article doesn’t note is that the Moab off-road is on the center tray.

That’s all that have been made known to the public for the time being, but there is no doubt to more being included in the Renegade’s design.  We can’t wait to see what other things they included.

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Jeep Restores WW2 Jeep in Honor of Memorial Day


There are few vehicles with as rich of a military history as the Jeep. Its birth was to aid with the war effort during World War 2 and the image of soldiers driving one, filled with officers, or supplies, is the iconic imagery of the war. If there is one vehicle to celebrate Memorial Day and to celebrate those that service, Jeep is the one that makes the most sense. For that reason, workers at the Toledo plant have refurbished an old 1942 Jeep.

Chrysler Toledo Assembly Complex managed to restore a Willys Military Jeep from 1942. It was worked on by the employes and then unveiled during a special ceremony where the Jeep rested under a Jeep signed dedicated to the troops on Expressway Drive in north Toledo.

The Jeep was designed to be the new “work-horse” of the military in a time when technology was replacing many aspects of the military. Jeep has always had a good relationship with the military and is making sure to honor the troops this memorial day.

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