The Hidden Features of Owning a Jeep


Do you know the hidden features in your purchase? For new Jeep buyers, there’s plenty of unwritten rules that go beyond the equipment and exterior included in the purchase. put together a list of ’10 Things They Never Tell You About Owning a Jeep.’

  • You’re Going to Get Wet:

The 9th on their list is the notion that you’re going to get wet in the driver seat. That’s because it’s impossible to not want to put all that jibber-jabber about the Jeep’s off-road to the test. Inevitably, in that curiosity, is going to come the chance to take the Jeep through the mud and water. When that finally happens, just make sure that you bring an dry pair of pants to change into.

  • The Jeep Wave:

This is a phenom that has been on-going for sometime now. When you buy a Jeep, you don’t just get an award-winning, highly-capable vehicle, you’re also being inducted into a membership. The Jeep Wave is the unofficial salute given among Jeep drivers.

  • Tackle Any Weather Problem:

New York just had one of the biggest snowstorms in its history. After the snow subsided and it was time to get the city back to work, it’s a safe bet it was the Jeeps leading the charge. Case in point; remember that snowboarding through the streets of New York video that went viral? Did you notice what they were driving? *Jeep Wave*

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Jeep Patriot

Say hello to the least expensive off-road vehicle in its class, the Jeep Patriot.  Named’s 2011 Lowest True Cost to Own SUV under $25,000 makes it an affordable buy for driving either for the city streets or the great outdoors.
When taking this best buy off the road for some grand adventures, it’s definitely an eye catcher.  It’s a rugged and distinctive design with the classic boxy shape.  This includes the trapezoidal wheel arches and seven vertical slot grille.  The Jeep Patriot also has Lower Bodyside accent cladding which shows a commitment to ensuring those looking to go off highway get the best bang for their buck.
The interior design of the Jeep Patriot is very pleasing to the eye.  With a sleek and sexy dashboard and soft touch panels for the doors.  It has a 4 speaker system and can come equipped with Garmin Navigation.  With chrome accents and a hand stitched leather wrapped wheel, it’s very easy to see that only the best in craftsmanship went into the production.
Popping the hood will find a 2.0 liter engine with 16 valves and a horse power of 158 at 6,4000 RPM.  With a 5 speed manual transmission drivers can expect to get 23 miles per gallon while in city and 28 once it gets out on the highway.  With a 13.6 gallon tank, that lets the vehicle get up to 394 miles on a full tank.  The Jeep Patriot is ready to handle all kinds of weather, be it snow, sand, any kind of low traction surface.  This is all done thanks to the available Freedom Drive, an active 4 wheel drive system that gives the Patriot the ability to go anywhere and do anything.
Jeep wants to keep you safe no matter where you drive.  The optional side torso airbags were named the Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.  There is also the advanced multistage front airbags for driver and front passenger and for the rear passengers there is the rear airbags.  The Patriot itself was constructed with engineered crush zones meant to divert energy from an impact away from the passenger compartment.  Jeep also offers a roadside safety kit that includes jump cables, fleece blanket, leather gloves, a flashlight, and even a recovery tow strap.  With over 30 safety features for the Patriot, it’s going to be a safe ride.

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