Jeep Wins Big in Total Quality Impact!


The Strategic Vision has put out their 22nd Annual Total Quality Impact and four vehicles from the FCA family make the list concerning their quality.

Strategic Vision is a researched-based consultancy that has over 35 years of looking at consumers’ and their buying habits.  Their Total Quality Impact (TQI) is based on the responses from more than 39,000 viewers that have a new 2016 model year vehicle.  They are asked about 155 different aspects of their experience with the vehicle and that list is then compiled to get a big picture image of the vehicle’s quality.

So what were the winners?  In the least surprising, two Jeep vehicles top their segments.  The Jeep Wrangler Unlimited won the ‘Entry SUV’ and the Jeep Grand Cherokee won for ‘Mid-Size SUV.’  The other two were the Fiat 500 for ‘Micro Car’ and the Dodge Challenger for the ‘Specialty Coupe.’

“We see time and again that for consumers, innovation does more to communicate quality than an absence of problems does,” said Christopher Chaney, the Senior VP at Strategic Vision.  “Whether it comes in the form of breakthrough technology, re-engineering a vehicle or creating a new model, consumers feel the positive impact of bold new directions taken by manufacturers.”

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