2014 Jeep Cherokee: New Looks, Better Performance

UntitledOne of the hottest topics of discussion for the 2014 Jeep Cherokee has been the look of it.  Jeep took a massive step away from the normal look and it upsets some fans.  After having time to dwell on and take in the new look, Jeep fans then wondered if changing the look would have any impact on performance, the hallmark of why people drive Jeep in the first place.  According to one review, a redesign doesn’t mean that the focus on high-performance has been lost.

News Day published the saga of one reviewer’s trip to Utah to give the 2014 Jeep Cherokee a thorough drive through rugged terrain.  In fact, the trail he was able to take the new Jeep on was in Moab, Utah, which is renowned for having the best kind of terrain to really test out the capabilities of a Jeep.

This was the aspect that surprised the writer, David Thomas, the most.  That a vehicle like the 2014 Jeep Cherokee that saw such a redesign was still able to handle itself so well.

The 2014 Jeep Cherokee will feature two engine options.  Standard on the Cherokee is the 184-horsepower, 2.4-liter four cylinder.  Also available will be the 271-hp, 3.2-liter V-6.  While the standard engine offering will do the driver just fine, if they want real power and strength that Jeep is known for, then the only option is the V-6.

The overall impression with the 2014 Jeep Cherokee both on and off the road was very favored.  Read the full reviews for yourself to see why the writer was so very impressed with the new Jeep, regardless of the new look.

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Motor Trend Takes the Jeep Wrangler on the Rubicon Trail


Jeeps were built for the intention of conquering the terrain.  The brand started life with the intent to ensure that no field of battle was too dangerous to traverse.  Now, that has extended into civilian life as Jeeps are synonymous with tackling the great outdoors.  Anyone who gets a Jeep is someone who at some point behind the wheel will daydream themselves into a scenario involving some rocky terrain that only they can drive over.

Jonny Lieberman at Motor Trend got the chance to live out the fantasy of taking a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon out to the Rubicon Trail.  The Trail is notoriously difficult for any 4×4 to handle and Jeeps have been driving it since the 50’s to prove their prowess with difficult terrains.  Lieberman put his full experience up on YouTube for viewers to see and it’s a wonderful sight indeed:

It’s stunning to see the capability of a Jeep Wrangler that the average driver never gets to see while stuck in New York traffic.

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