The History of Jeep Production in Toledo


The Jeep is celebrating its 75th Anniversary and what better time to look back at how the Jeep came to be and how it has survived on the market as long as it has.

The Toledo Blade has a look at the history of the Jeep.  It seems appropriate considering that the current home of the Jeep is in Toldeo.  The Jeep was originally a military vehicle.  Anyone who has seen pictures or biographical movies set during the Second World War has seen what the military Jeep looks like.  It is an iconic design.  That design came from the Ford Motor Co., the American Bantam Car Co, and Toledo-based Willys-Overland.

The city of Toledo was where the engine was made for the original Jeep.  Toledo was also where the Jeep as we know it was truly born.  When the war was over, Jeep production continued in the city with the Jeep station wagon and years later the evolution into the Jeeps of today.

The Jeep also provided the Toledo area with growth as the factory and Jeep production helped to sustain a vibrant middle-class.  It’s struggled through the years, like most cities that grew from manufacturing in the US.  The difference is that Chrysler has keep Toledo plants open and making Jeeps.  Even with the recent fear that the Jeep may be leaving Toledo, the company remains committed to having the Jeep here in the states.

The future of Jeep will continue in Toledo.  Fiat-Chrysler has invested a sizable amount of money into the plant at Toledo to develop and bring the next generation of Wrangler.

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