New Spy Photos of the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk Show Engine

The Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is highly anticipated.  Who wouldn’t be wanting to see what the result if when you combine the Hellcat engine and one of the most popular Jeeps.  For many, it’s just wanting to see if it can be done or if the engine would have to be reduced.  New spy photos have been released that look at the engine and it’s looking like keeping the 707 horsepower that the Hellcat engine famously provides will be feasible in a Grand Cherokee.

Autoblog breaks down the first look at the engine per these spy photos.  It’s the first time the engine has been seen and it certainly looks like it’s ready for power.

“As you can clearly see in the slightly noisy engine shot, that’s a supercharger parked on top of FCA’s 6.2-liter V8, just like in the Charger and Challenger Hell-twins.”

As for the rest of the Trackhawk that was spotted, the cosmetic difference between this one and the previous spy photos is minimal.  All-in-all, it is looking like Jeep fans will soon be talking about getting 707 horsepower out of their Jeep Grand Cherokee.  What an exciting time!

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Jeep Sets June Sales Record: More Popular Than Ever!


One of the most remarkable success stories in the auto industry of late is the rise of the Jeep.  Back when Chrysler was facing bankruptcy and its future was uncertain, nothing seemed further from thought than the idea that they’d be able to turn it around in the upcoming years.  Since recovering, the success story of Chrysler is a fascinating one, and one of the main reasons for that bounce-back is due to a new found fever for Jeeps. examined this new wave of love for Jeep.  June was an amazing month for the Jeep brand.  It had the best June sales ever.  Many Jeep vehicles had record-setting months including the new Jeep Cherokee and the ever-popular Jeep Wrangler.  Even the newest member of the family, the Jeep Renegade, had an increase of 10% from May.

This is an incredible feat considering that Jeep, back when the company was going under, was struggling with American sales.  Now, it’s not just selling here in the States, but has caught on overseas.  Jeep recently invested in a new plant for production in India, showing that Jeep is one of the bigger international favorites.

The future seems even brighter.  The Dodge Charger and Challenger SRT Hellcat experienced a higher than expected sales demand and Jeep is looking to capitalize on the popularity of the Hellcat name.  A Grand Cherokee Trackhawk Hellcat is expected next year.  This new SUV has potential to put some change into the market and have competitors scared.

What is it you’d like to see from Jeep in the coming years?  What do you think they need to do to keep the momentum going?

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Jeep Grand Cherokee Getting a Hellcat Engine?

Jeep SRT Grand Cherokee Hellcat Engine - JeepDealerNy

The Dodge Charger and Challenger Hellcats have been popular with muscle car fans and while Dodge is scrambling to keep up with the demand of the public, the question is if any other vehicles will be getting the Hellcat engine. According to Motor Authority, a Jeep may be next in line.

The SRT brand is coming under Dodge and with it most of their performance tech will be placed into Dodge vehicles, such as the Hellcats. Since SRT serviced all of the vehicles under the Chrysler flag, what is going to happen to the non-Dodge vehicles? While the 300 SRT is looking to only be available overseas, SRT is still going to put its stamp on the Grand Cherokee.

While it won’t be a Dodge Jeep or anything like that, the Grand Cherokee SRT is looking to be named Trackhawk, something that was trademarked by FCA a year ago. By going off the five-year strategy FCA showed off, the Grand Cherokee is getting an update here soon and this new Trackhawk could be shown off as part of that update.

A new name and SRT labeling isn’t the only thing, as the Hellcat engine may also be included in the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, something that Car and Diver seemed to think was a given at this point. As they stated when they first broke the Hellcat engine in a Grand Cherokee, the problem is that the Jeep will need some work to be able to handle the engine’s power and will be undergoing some revisions.

Do you think the Grand Cherokee should get the Hellcat engine?

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