2014 Jeep Patriot Freedom Edition Honors The Troops

2013 Jeep Patriot Freedom EditionAhh Memorial Day, the time to start getting ready for summer.  If this past week has been any indication, it’s going to be a hot one in New York for the next few months.

The whole weekend, as people kick back in the pool and poke at their meat on the barbecue, it’s a time to reflect on those that passed to give us the opportunity to enjoy such peace and relaxation.

The military lineage runs deep in Jeep.  It’s how the line came into being.  No other vehicle can really trace its beginnings to being so ingrained in military use.

Jeep is celebrating this history by having a special edition added to their line-up in honor of our troops, the 2014 Jeep Patriot Freedom Edition.  It wears its support for the troops proudly.

The outside is painted in a either red, white or blue.  And it comes with a giant star printed right on top of the hood.  That same star logo is also on the front seats.  Oscar Mike is printed on the front door (it’s military speak for “On the move”).  Other features include 6-speed transmission and full 4×4 capacity.

That’s not the only way the Freedom Edition of the Patriot is giving back.  For every one of them sold, Jeep will in turn donate $250 to a military charity.

Jeep has always supported the troops one way or another for the past 70 years.  It’s never lost sight of that connection and this memorial day continues to honor those that have served.

Bayside Chrysler Jeep Dodge wants to remind those in the military about our Military Incentive Program.

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Jeep Patriot Freedom Edition Celebrates Veterans Day

Just in time for Veterans Day, Jeep has a new vehicle rolling out to honor those serving in the military.

It’s a perfect fit, the Jeep rose to renown for being created for and use in World War 2. Since then, the name has come to mean the best in off-road. When the Jeep Wrangler Freedom Edition hit the dealer floor, it was a big hit with fans and had fantastic sales. Following that success is now the Jeep Patriot with its own Freedom Edition. Being made with the brands military history in mind, it’s also a tribute to the men and women who serve.

The hood of the Patriot sports a military-inspired star as well as on the rear quarter panel. On the lower front door is the phrase “Oscar Mike” which is military jargon for “on the move.” The exterior will come in different patriotic flavors with the choice of either red, white, or blue.

Jeep is also taking the next step to make sure that when someone purchases the Jeep Patriot Freedom Edition that they are showing support of our armed forces. Each vehicle sold will put $250 towards charities that benefit the US military.

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Jeep Wrangler Freedom Edition Pays Tribute to the US Military

Jeep is planning on paying tribute to the US Military by introducing a new version of the popular Jeep Wrangler.

Allpar.com has a full run down of the new 2012 Jeep Wrangler Freedom Edition. Being based on the Wrangler Sport, the new Freedom Edition will come in a choice of either two door or a four door. As far as visuals go, there will be three colors and those are deep cherry red, bright white, and true blue. These colors are exclusive just to the Wrangler Freedom. That’s not all it will offer in visual flair as the Jeep comes with graphics that include a star decal right on the hood and in the back complete with the words “Oscar Mike” on the fender badge. Anyone who has played a military video game in the past decade knows, “Oscar Mike” means “on the move.”

The insides of the Wrangler Freedom also offer something unique and different. It will have black seats with a tectonic fabric. “Oscar Mike” also sneaks its way inside to be a logo embroidered on the seat backs and in silver stitching. The steering wheel, front arm rest, and the doors will have a french silver accent stitching. Satin Chrome spokes on the steering wheel along with a Mopar Slush Mat finish up the package.

There’s an added bonus to the sales of the Jeep Wrangler Freedom Edition. For every one sold, Jeep will be putting $250 towards an important charitable organization the will benefit both current and returning military members.

Jeep has always had something to offer everyone. If you’re in the mind to give back to our service men and women and have something in return, it seems the Freedom Edition is custom made just for you. Be sure to go online to the Bayside’s Jeep Show-Room to see the full line-up of Jeep products. If you like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, you’ll stay current on the news coming out of Jeep.