What Excites Mike Manley About Jeep’s 2017 Future


The Jeep Brand has been one a US success story. The last few years have seen a spike in drivers flocking to the SUVs and has helped Fiat-Chrysler maintain positive monthly sales figures for months. The big question is how does Jeep intend to keep that momentum going in 2017. Digital Trends had an interview with the man who will be shaping the future of Jeep, their CEO Mike Manley in which he talks about what he is excited for most in 2017.

One of the first questions is what is the Jeep brand now that it is branching out its focus into markets like light off-road and luxury. Manley goes on to say that the Wrangler is seen as the icon of the brand but, “for a brand to be successful, I strongly believe it has to have character and personality that do not necessarily end up being purely defined by the products that are in that brand.” He continued that the Jeep products are meant to evoke a sense of adventure and that each branching Jeep product always has that at its core.

What is it that excites him most for 2017? The answer is the same that many drivers are excited about. The Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. The Jeep that will finally hold the Hellcat’s 6.2L Hemi V8. Since Manley first confirmed its existence about a year ago, there has been much speculation of what to expect. Will an SUV have 707 horsepower? Manley doesn’t have that answer, just hype that the finished product will live up to the hype.

The other major source of excitement for the upcoming year; the next generation Wrangler. The Wrangler has been the traditional Jeep of late. While other Jeep products have been changing their faces, and showing a more modern aesthetic, the Wrangler has kept to the classic boxy look. What will the new Wrangler look like? Manley assures that the Wrangler will still have “the underpinning of everything Jeep has stood for many years.” I wonder if that means the boxy look will remain.

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Jeep Starts the New Year Strong!

Untitled“In late 2009, we set out on a course to quickly renew our entire vehicle lineup, with a focus on legendary Jeep capability combined with improved on-road driving dynamics, fuel efficiency, and world-class craftsmanship. Clearly customers have appreciated the unique combination of attributes that Jeep vehicles offer.”

That was what Mike Manley, the President and CEO of Jeep Brand had to say about the news that greeted him into the new year. It’s already been known that Chrysler had a stellar year in 2012, out doing all the other major auto makers. The one brand name under Chrysler that really exceeded the rest, however, was Jeep. The mission that Manley set out to accomplish in the bleak years following the down turn of the economy and fall of the auto industry seem to have paid off if 2012 is an indicator of things to come.

Jeep vehicle sales increased 19 percent globally in 2012 over the previous year. That’s higher than the sales high they enjoyed back in 1999 which is also their record for global sales. The Jeep Grand Cherokee in particular is a standout. Already the most award SUV ever, its sales in the US total 154, 734. The best it’s had since 2005. Wrangler came in right behind it, and the Jeep Compass next.

The future is bright still for the upcoming year. Jeep is putting resources into making sure that this is just the start of things to come. Manley continues to explain why it’s wise to keep your eyes on them in 2013, “We expect to continue our sales momentum in 2013 with the introduction of an all-new mid-size Jeep SUV, as well as the new 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee, which will be available with a new, clean-diesel engine.”

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Jeep Partners with the Boys and Girls Club of America to Offer a Dream Adventure

Jeep and the Boys and Girls Clubs of America had a question for 4 million kids. The questions was, “What would you do in this big world if you could do anything you wanted?” A tall question, one that I have plenty of answers to, and one that I’m sure anyone reading this has an immediate answer to. To the children who decided to answer the call, however, a prize package awaits them with the “Dream Adventure Contest.”

To enter, children ages 6-12 shared their illustrations of the answer, and ages 13-18 had 60 second videos that went over what their dream adventure would be. The contestants were then graded on creativity, visual impact, and if there was a compelling title. The top four winners in each of the age groups were then given the prizes that they could enjoy with family and friends.

“Like the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, the Jeep brand believes it is essential to encourage today’s youth – our future leaders – to dream out loud; and that with commitment and determination there is possibility,” said Mike Manley, President and CEO of Jeep Brand. “The Jeep brand is proud of all the participants who submitted entries and we congratulate all of the grand prize winners as well as the Clubs who will enjoy the Jeep-themed events on behalf of their winner.”

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