Plant Prepares for Full 2014 Jeep Cheorkee Production

UntitledIt’s been a long time coming, but the new Jeep Cherokee is almost upon us.  Ever since it was teased with a new look that’s been divisive amongst fans, the new Cherokee has been building up popularity thanks to those wanting something new and others who are more impressed by what its capable of rather than a striking new look.  Expectations are high and Jeep plans to make sure on delivering.  That’s why it will be increasing production at the plant responsible for getting the Cherokee out to would-be buyers.

The Toledo plant in Ohio will be producing the 2014 Cherokee at full volume for a single shift.  However, they want to be at full capacity by September.  That’s over 500 models over the course of a nine-hour shift.  In order to maintain that incredible pace, a second shift will be added.  Training has already begun to get ready.

We’re expecting this vehicle to sell,” said Zachary Leroux, the plant’s manager.  “I think that’s going to keep us busy for a long period of time.

Jeep is placing large bet on the new compact SUV set to replace the Jeep Liberty.  With the hype going into it, I think it stands a chance at bringing in a new age of Jeep drivers.

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Source: Wall St Cheat Sheet

Jeep Brand is Most Patriotic Brand in America!

Jeep FlagJeep earned a spot on the list one would want right as the country celebrates our Independence Day.

Robert Passikoff is the founder and president of Brand Keys, a consumer research firm in New York. In honor of the 4th of July, his company put together a list of what consumers saw as the 25 more patriotic brand in America. Jeep just so happened to be on the list, but not just on the list, they topped it. That’s right, Jeep is, according to this survey, the most patriotic brand in America. Cue the fireworks!

Looking a the list, most of the brands that made it were varied. Food companies like Hershey, clothing companies like Ralph Lauren, but Jeep only has competition from one other auto company on the list. That would be Ford and they came in at 16th.

US Rep Marcy Kaptur, a democrat from Toledo, commented on the honor that Jeep was given. “It will come as no surprise to generations of workers in Toledo that Jeep is the ‘most patriotic’ brand. It’s really what we’re all about as a community.

Jeep is a name synonymous with American patriotism. Considering that it was the work-horse and backbone of the US military over seas during World War 2, the war that created the vehicle, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Jeep name is still seen as so patriotic. Jeep also has a long history of honoring our service men and women.

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Source: Toledo Blade

Over 1 Million Jeep Wranglers Made!

UntitledStrap on the party hats and send in the clowns, Jeep is throwing a celebration!  Their factory in Toledo just produced their 1 millionth Jeep Wrangler!

Now, it’s not just any ol’ Jeep Wrangler, the one millionth unit fresh off the assembly line happened to be a 2013 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 10th Anniversary Edition.

Production has been going very strong at the Toledo Plant.  In 2012, it produced more than 200,000 Wranglers.  That’s the highest output of any year.  They’ve been at max capacity of getting Wranglers out the factory door that Chrysler has recently brought on an additional 200 workers to get production increased.  They want to see 800,000 total sales for 2014 and need the workforce to be able to keep up.

“Every Wrangler we can make is a sold car for us, and the volumes are increasing worldwide, “said Mauro Pino, the VP of Chrysler assembly operations.  “This is a very good problem to manage.”

Jeep is gearing up to get a real sales surge from overseas.  Even with countries like China expressing a huge desire in Jeeps, Sergio Marchinonne, the CEO of Chrysler, has pledged to make sure that production of the popular Wrangler will remain right here state-side.

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